Certificate in Positive Psychology

The learners of this course will learn how to identify one character strengths. The learners will be taught positive psychology practices they can try at home to promote well-being.
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Positive psychology as one of the branches of psychology highlights the need to focus on the character strengths and behaviours of individuals which allow them to achieve purposeful and meaningful lives. It helps the individuals to improve their life satisfaction and well-being by moving from surviving to flourishing. Comprising of meaning and deep satisfaction, and not merely happiness, Martin Seligman, often regarded as the father of positive psychology, described quite a few visions of what it means to live a happy life. This field of positive psychology does not in any means, mean pushing away negative emotions and situations or disregarding and suppressing them. However, it helps the individuals to build their core strengths and qualities in a way which makes them resilient and productive in dealing the negativity and not get affected by them.

This course on positive psychology is a must for all the aspiring psychology students. The key to becoming an efficient and successful counsellor is to be whole and complete from within. An individual who comes from the space of being happy, satisfied and complete life will always be able to develop the skills of empathy and good counselling. This course will help the learners to work on character strengths and virtues like wisdom, knowledge, courage, justice, temperament, humanity, transcendence skills like gratitude, love, hope and humour. This course focuses primary interest in identifying and building mental assets. This field is the sub-branch of psychology, overlaps the other fields of psychology. However, this field of positive psychology refrains itself from addressing the weaknesses and problems of one and others.

The learners of this course will learn how to identify one’s character strengths. The learners will be taught positive psychology practices they can try at home to promote well-being. For example, practising gratitude exercises can help improve and enhance happiness over time. Strategies, skills and techniques will be brought about on how to practice building efficient strengths and virtues on a daily basis. Homework assignments, activities, group discussions, role-plays, case studies examples will be a part of the course. The learners will get a chance to reflect (self-reflection) on their personal growth and how they can work in helping others grow and lead meaningful and happy lives.

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What you'll learn

  • Introduction to Positive psychology
  • Milestones in the field of positive psychology
  • Theories on positive psychology; Martin Seligman, Christopher Peterson, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Albert Bandura and others
  • Life satisfaction, well-being
  • Assessment scales used in the field of positive psychology
  • Understanding of topics like hope, optimism, resilience, happiness, mindfulness, positive thinking
  • Skills, strategies, techniques to promote self-development and have meaningful lives and relationships
  • Daily homework activities to practice character strengths and virtues
  • Role plays, discussion, lectures, practical assessments
  • Self-reflection

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Key Highlights

  • Online Flexible Lectures for Students
  • Instant e-Certificate
  • Virtual Classroom for Students
  • Skill Oriented Course

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