Certificate in Counselling Skills

By Saumya Sharan
This course is designed to help students get oriented with the basic concept of what counselling is, the roles of a counsellor, how to proceed in a professional counselling space, and also relate better to the process by understanding the role of the client.
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To become an efficient counsellor, one of the most instrumental pre requires lies in learning and studying to acquire some basic skills such as skills required to conduct a counselling session namely: exploration skills (Attending, initiating a question, emotional reflection), knowledge (challenges, interpretation, self-reveal), and action skills (information and immediate action). A detailed study of this course will help you to comprehend these skills better but also acquire them in a way that it becomes easier to know when to use which skill.

A thorough study of this course will help students understand the need to possess in-depth knowledge and skills if they are to help clients effectively which would be manifested better on the job, as they use them specifically and appropriately to treat one or more unique populations. These counselling techniques may vary depending on which group of people a counsellor serves and this course will help them understand the need to tailor them on an individual basis.

Basic skills in conducting counselling sessions are integral crucial parts that need to be acquired and honed or sharpened a professional counsellor. The concepts in this course will help aspiring counsellors possess the basic skills, various techniques of counselling, and become capable at implementing them in a professional setting. 

Course Duration: 3 Months


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What you'll learn

  • The basic skills, and various techniques of counseling.
  • To orient individuals to understand the concept of Counselling and what it entails.
  • To acquire the basic skills required to become a Counsellor in a professional setting.
  • To learn the soft skills required to carry out the process of counselling in a safe and effective manner.

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Key Highlights

  • Online Flexible Lectures for Students
  • Instant e-Certificate
  • Skill Oriented Course
  • Skill Based Training





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